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Old Amsterdam is the result of an uncompromising search for the best flavor with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. The Westland family presented an independent research institute with an impossible task: to develop a recipe for the most delicious mature cheese. A cheese with cheese crystals and a sharp flavor that is still smooth and easy to cut. This resulted in a patented process that combined international expertise with that typical Dutch down-to-earthness.

Flavor, as we like it.

How it all began

When the Zuiderzee was closed off in 1932, the Westland family was forced to abandon the fisherman lifestyle. Inspired by the delicious cheeses that their mother brought back from Amsterdam, the young Westland brothers opened a small cheese shop on the Lijnbaansgracht in Amsterdam. Years later, after a tireless quest that even took them outside the Netherlands, the brothers were finally able to recreate the taste of their youth. The result was Old Amsterdam: mature in flavor, young at heart.

Old Amsterdam was officially introduced in the Netherlands in 1985. Soon after, this unique cheese became a massive success among domestic and international cheese lovers. To this day, the cheese brand receives one international award after another. Nevertheless, Old Amsterdam is first and foremost a tribute to the inspiration behind this wonderful product. Amsterdam exemplifies the typical Dutch values that we all share and take pride in. Old Amsterdam gives everyone in the Netherlands and beyond a taste of that pride and that unique flavor.

Imbued with the spirit of Amsterdam

You won’t find another city quite like Amsterdam anywhere in the world. It is a city full of hard-working people with a real zest for life. Free thinking and the Dutch commercial spirit have been deeply ingrained in the people of Amsterdam since the seventeenth century. That entrepreneurial mindset, uniqueness and sense of pride appealed to the Westland family. When they first started out as cheese makers, they would mature their cheeses in a building on the Lijnbaansgracht in the heart of Amsterdam. During those early years, the contrasting character of the city and its inhabitants crept into the hearts of the family – and with it, into the cheeses of Old Amsterdam.  

How Old Amsterdam is made

Old Amsterdam is made from Dutch meadow milk. To this, we add rennet and lactic starter to begin the cheese-making process. The starter is what gives our cheese its unique flavor. The creators behind Old Amsterdam had to experiment for a long time to find the ideal composition of the starter for Old Amsterdam. Ultimately, the perfect mixture of natural ingredients was found in Milk Container 4. To this day, our M4 starter is our company’s best-kept secret.

Maturation is a unique skill

The Westland family turned to their Southern European colleagues a second time, this time for help with developing the optimal maturation process for Old Amsterdam. Maturation is a crucial step in the cheese-making process, as it determines the cheese’s final flavor and structure. For Old Amsterdam, we developed a rigid schedule of temperature and humidity fluctuations. Although flavor always trumps maturation time, Old Amsterdam is left to mature for an average of eight months. Our cheese is not released until our own inspector has sampled and approved it. Old Amsterdam is therefore guaranteed to be sharp and slightly sweet, full of cheese crystals, yet smooth and easy to cut.

Old Amsterdam – The taste of dreaming big

In October 2022, Old Amsterdam launched a new brand campaign in which we tell the historical tale of Old Amsterdam’s development. We follow a young member of the Westland family who dreams of recapturing the flavor he once tasted as a young boy on the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam. This courageous and liberal search ultimately led to Old Amsterdam’s award-winning and unique flavor: sharp, yet smooth. That is how we’ve been making our cheese for generations.

In our commercial, we also want to celebrate the traits that have made the Netherlands great. For example, optimism, proficiency and resourcefulness not only characterize the Dutch, but also aptly describe Old Amsterdam’s character. These are values we cherish together and are inseparable from the artisanal, unique and intense character which makes Old Amsterdam famous.

Old Amsterdam: Mature in flavor, young at heart.

International success formula

The Westland Kaas family business has now been around for more than 80 years, with Old Amsterdam as one of the largest brands. Nowadays we have a considerably extensive portfolio and our taste is often recognized with international awards. We have our own Old Amsterdam Cheese Stores and are eaten in more than 60 countries by many loyal fans. As a family business, we are extremely proud of this.

Enjoying successes (and cheese…) is important to us, but we are also always on the move and looking for ways to improve. Do you have a suggestion, complaint, compliment or good idea? We love hearing from you


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