Gold for real cheese enjoyment: Top results for Old Amsterdam at the DLG Award 2023

  • Gold medals for Old Amsterdam the Original 48+ and Old Amsterdam Goat
  • Silver medals for Old Amsterdam Original Light 35+, Old Amsterdam Spicy & Creamy and Old Amsterdam Young & Mild

Huizen (Netherlands), January 2023 – The cheese specialties from the popular Dutch brand Old Amsterdam have again received many DLG awards. The lead product Old Amsterdam Das Original 48+ received a gold medal with the highest mark of 5.0 in all test areas. The goat’s milk variant from Old Amsterdam also achieved gold. A total of five artisanal cheeses from the producer made it onto the podium.

A model of Dutch cheese art
The goal of the founders of Old Amsterdam is to produce the best and most authentic cheese in the Netherlands. They rely on local ingredients, craftsmanship and plenty of time to mature. The calculation works: With a total of five medals from the German Agricultural Society (DLG), the cheese producers from the Netherlands show that they know how a wheel of cheese becomes an award winner. This not only convinces the juries of many food awards, but also gourmets in over 60 countries.
The DLG jury evaluates the cheeses according to four criteria. The external impression, the consistency of the cheese loaf, the smell and of course the taste are judged. Old Amsterdam consistently impresses in all of these categories.

This is how winners are made
At the top of the podium are gold winners Old Amsterdam Das Original 48+ and Old Amsterdam Ziege. They show their full aroma potential best in one piece. The Original 48+ is made from Dutch cow’s milk and is characterized by the particularly long maturing period. Dutch goat’s milk gives Old Amsterdam Goat its special flavor base. Here the proteins and finer fat globules of the goat’s milk provide the typical structure.

Like all cheeses at Old Amsterdam, the top ranked cheeses are aged on wooden planks. Everything has to be right: the humidity and temperature are precisely monitored throughout the entire process and adjusted according to the ripening phase. Care and regular turning by hand are also a matter of course. All of this ensures consistent quality and the typical character of each variety.

Cheese culture with history
For almost 40 years, Old Amsterdam cheeses have been winning over fans all over the world. With this goal in mind, the family company Westland Kaas developed the specialties. To do this, the cheese professionals combined Dutch cheese expertise with Italian know-how. The result was, among other things, a special cheese culture as an acid starter, which was intended to ensure that the cheeses had a balanced taste. The secret of its composition is well guarded, because it lays the foundation for the typical and unmistakable aroma of later cheeses.

The cheese specialties from Old Amsterdam are available in one piece at the cheese counter in food retail and delicatessen shops. Cut and piece goods for the refrigerated section are available in the self-service area. You can find more information about the range and company as well as many recipe ideas at:

About the German Agricultural Society (DLG)
As a non-profit, independent association, the DLG offers an open network for agriculture, agriculture and the food industry. The aim is knowledge Quality and technology transfer to ensure sustainable progress in this area. An important pillar is the international transfer of knowledge.
The DLG also checks and promotes the quality of food, agricultural technology and operating resources and is an international leader.

Old Amsterdam is a wholly owned brand subsidiary of the company founded in 1936 by three brothers in Huizen in the Netherlands and still based there today Family business Westland Kaasspecialiteiten B.V. It has stood for high-quality premium cheese and innovative product developments for 85 years.
With Maaslander, Westlite and Trenta, in addition to Old Amsterdam, which was launched in the Netherlands in 1985, there are four more international brands distributed cheese brands to the company’s portfolio. Westland is a member of MVO Nederland, a Dutch organization for the promotion of social responsibility of domestic companies. With the Westland Family Trust, the family business also supports local and regional cultural and cultural events social projects. In Germany, the Old Amsterdam range is sold by the company’s own sales force and is available both in the food retail trade and via the Deli available.

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