Old Amsterdam Matured

Slices Prepacked

Turn your lunch into a real treat every day with a slice of Old Amsterdam Matured.

Old Amsterdam Mature can be recognized by the spicy and slightly sweet flavor tones that Old Amsterdam is known for, but with a milder taste. This makes Old Amsterdam Matured perfect for your lunch or sandwich.

Old Amsterdam is a brand of family business Westland Kaas.

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Old Amsterdam Matured has a mild taste with the recognizable spicy and slightly sweet taste notes that Old Amsterdam is known for. Enjoy a delicious lunch every day with Old Amsterdam Matured. Packed per 5 slices in a handy resealable package.


Milk (pasteurized), salt, starter (contains milk), microbial rennet, preservative (E251), color (carotenes)


Contains milk

Nutritional value per 100g

Energy1165 kj / 403 kcal
of which saturates23,3g
of which sugars0g
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