Old Amsterdam Original Bites

Putting a serving platter on the table in no time at all, you can do that with these pre-cut snack cubes from Old Amsterdam.
– Spicy and slightly sweet in taste
– With ripening crystals

Old Amsterdam Original is an old cheese, savory and slightly sweet in taste. Rich in ripening crystals and yet sliceable. It is pure enjoyment of the cheese that owes its name to the most liberal city in the world. With his own recipe, he has won one prize after another worldwide. And rightly so, because you have cheese and you have Old Amsterdam.

Old Amsterdam is a brand of family business Westland Kaas.

Nice with

Old Amsterdam Original Drinks cubes go perfectly with a glass of full fruity red wine or Blond Abbey beer. Also a perfect match with American bourbon because of the oak maturation.


Milk (pasteurized), salt, starter (contains milk), microbial rennet, preservative (E251), coloring agent (carotenes). Naturally lactose free (<0.01%).



Naturally lactose free (<0.01%)

Nutritional value per 100g

Energy1663kJ / 401kcal.
of which saturates22,9g
of which sugars0g
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