Old Amsterdam Melange


Our Old Amsterdam Melange gift box are filled with a selection of high-quality Dutch cheeses, including the popular Old Amsterdam Gouda cheese, which is sure to delight anyone.

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Old Amsterdam Melange

Introducing the Old Amsterdam Melange Cheese Trio: Mild, Classic and Vintage.

The Old Amsterdam Classic is our signature cheese. This Gouda cheese has been matured for 8-months and even though it’s old, it still has a creamy texture with salt crystals.

For those seeking a milder yet distinctive flavor, our Old Amsterdam Mild is the perfect choice. Aged for 3 months, it offers a balanced blend of richness and subtle tang, making it an ideal accompaniment to any occasion.

Elevate your cheese platter with our Old Amsterdam Vintage, the crown jewel of Dutch cheese. Aged for 2 years, its flavor profile captures the essence of tradition and excellence.

Crafted with care and expertise, each cheese in our trio embodies the rich heritage and superior quality that defines Old Amsterdam. Ideal for gifting or indulging, our Old Amsterdam Melange Cheese Trio is a versatile addition to any culinary repertoire. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply treating yourself, experience the unparalleled taste of Dutch craftsmanship with Old Amsterdam.

Order now and discover the artistry of Old Amsterdam cheese, where tradition meets innovation and every bite tells a story. Don’t settle for ordinary cheese – elevate your palate with the extraordinary flavors of Old Amsterdam.

Allergen information

Contains Cowmilk


3 x 300 grams

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